We offer a NATIONWIDE Limited Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship performed on your vehicle repair for as long as you the owner of said vehicle own the car.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your vehicle that has been repaired at our shop, we would like you to notify us so that we can review the repair with you and keep you a satisfied customer.

The shop warranty does not exceed the manufacturer’s warranty on replacement parts.

The Customer is obligated to present a copy of this warranty document to the warrantor before requesting a warranty repair on said vehicle. Also, this warranty inspection, adjustment, or repair, must be made only at the location of the shop that offered the warranty, during regular business hours.

Any incidental costs, such as car rental, time and travel, or towing charges, which are not covered by the stated warranty made by the shop are not covered or the responsibility of the shop.

This warranty is not transferable, and shall be null and void if the said vehicle is altered, or adjusted by any person not authorized by the above repair shop.